Sunday, January 17, 2010


just a quick note that i have added 5 more miles to my totally this week but got sidelined on Wednesday due to extreme pain in my shins, some say shin splints , just keep going, some say don't push you might get stress fractures.... so for the past 4/5 days i have been researching and trying to find answers on the pain itself, running form, types of shoes...i have gotten no where. SO i will listen to my instincts and today i will try a run on softer ground (dirt path) and take it day by day. i will report later how it goes!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

100 miles by the end of March - run #6

OMG! i'm soo happy! i set out to run for 60 mins today, i have never run for more the 40. I DID IT! i might be able to call myself a runner pretty soon. I decided the best place for me to try to run for this long with no breaks would be on the treadmill. that way i could control my pace. I tend to start out fast and poop out after 30 mins. i forced myself to run an 11 min miles for the first mile then let myself find a comfortable pace. comfortable? ok, a doable pace. i did want to speed it up a few times but keep telling myself "hold on you still got a ways to go". My nike+ said i was running at 9'16" but the treadmill said 10'30" so i kept it there thinking i must some where in between. i was timing the 60 mins on my watch, watching the calories burned (i can usually do 100 cals every 10 mins) watching the miles on the treadmill, along with the pace and then every now and again i would check the nike+. my eyeballs got tired before my legs. ha! i had ATP from my favorite company, cyto-charge, and chocolate chip cookie before the run.
I fought through the lower leg pain, but other then that i think it was the boredom that was the toughest to deal with. wonder if i will be sore tomorrow?
what a great first week of running, total of 20 miles and 3,000 calories burns. i think thats 12 donuts! i'm looking forward to more....
77 miles to go!

Friday, January 8, 2010

100 miles by the end of March - run #5

Finally a good run. it was 15 degrees and i still don't have gloves. but this is the best i have felt. I still need to slow down but getting four miles, outside, is a step forward for me! i exceeded my goals for this week and i still might run tomorrow. (or might not) i did have pain in my lower legs (pretty bad) but never once felt like stopping. the fresh air and sun shine made for a happy run!
83 miles to go!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

100 miles by the end of March - run #4

BRRR very cold out today, but i didn't run yesterday because it was snowing/cold. Couldn't wimp out 2 days in a row. This was an UGLY run, felt like i was going no where. i couldn't lengthen my stride, too many cloths and icey under foot, i have NO winter running gear and i ate mexican food 30 min. before the run. Snot was dripping out my nose, and down my throat and must say this is the closest i have come to walking ( and puking) while on a run. OH! and my shoe came untied!! try tying your shoe with frozen fingers and tears making it very blurry to see. I only got 2 miles in. BUT at least i stayed off the treadmill....

87 to go!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100 miles by the end of March - day #3

I ran outside! got off the treadmill, faced my fear and ran almost 3 miles outside, like a real runner! boy was i frightened!! i didn't know how to dress, its cold, but sunny and i had know idea where to run.
so i put on 2 long sleeves and my warmest pants and just headed out the door. I dodged the ice and went through a gaggle of geese, through the snow when i didn't have a side walk (not sure i should be running on the road), i went up hill, down hill, and the sun blinding my sight and then at my back. I had tears running down my cheeks (cold and wind) and snot trying to drip. BUT.... I did it! My plan was to run for min. of 20 mins knowing that would be at least 2 miles and a max of 30 min because thats what i do on the treadmill. Well i ran for 22 mins! 2.84 miles. Thats what my nike+ says so i will call it 2 miles just so i don't cheat myself.
I was uncomfortable, to many cloths, i pod in my hand was bugging me but the entire run i was smiling inside, thinking, I'm running outside!
89 miles to go!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I was once again i was scared to start my run, thinking i wouldn't reach my gaol of 3 miles. i got moving and it wasn't so bad, the pace was a littler slower then i wanted but i told myself it was ok, don't think about the pace, just relax and get a rhythm. Like yesterday the first mile was hard but once i hit mile 3 i felt great! If i could learn how to clear my head while running i might actually start to like this running thing. My head is very loud when i run! I hit my 3 mile goal before my 30 mins was up so i figure i would just keep running till i hit that 30 min mark, well once that came i thought oh gee i can get 4 miles...but in the back of my mind i kept thinking, i have to teach spin in 40 mins... AND i was hurting all over from yesterdays run so i ran 4.39 miles and called it quits. Then i thought i should have just made it an even 4.5 miles, i always say that when i stop! i took 20 mins rest and went and jumped on the spin bike. I should sleep well tonight! I really don't have to run tomorrow but just might any ways. If i can run 3 5k's a week i should hit my goal...but like always, i got to do better then my goal
91.6 miles to go!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

100 miles by the end of March-day #1

I was so exciting get started on this personal goal but at the same time i have this huge fear of failing... how could i fail, i have run for 20mins many, many times. This goal is very easy to reach, really, i know people who run 100 miles in 2 weeks. running 20 mins 5 times a week, come on! I always feel like i have to run farther and faster then the time before. This is my biggest head game right now. I must learn to be comfortable with an easy pace and enjoy the run!
i got up early, put on my long shorts (its cold here in colorado) and headed to the gym, i really look forward to the day i don't have to use a treadmill but don't want to lose my pace of 9 min miles. My head is all over the place can't seem to get comfortable and stay focused. the first 12 mins were hell! but i refused to stop after 12 mins, gosh! how whimpy that would have been! then i caught the rhythm!! phew! i was trying not to look at my nike+ and just feel the pace. well i was getting close to the finish and thought i would check my pace on the treadmill, SHOOT! i hit the stop button and the treadmill just stopped!! i keep my feet moving to the rhythm i had in my head and jumped off and hit the indoor track...OH! what a great way to transfer my runs from the treadmill to the road. why didn't i think of that before?
Boy did it feel good to lengthen my stride and relax into the pace. I ended up running faster and longer then i set out to do that day. It wasn't easy and i pushed to keep the pace quicker then comfortable, my lungs were on fire BUT! i was very happy with my results !
4 miles down, 96 to go!
I wonder if I'll ever be comfortable just stepping off the door step and going for and easy 10 miler? ha!

Friday, January 1, 2010


don't have a lot to say but its the first day of 2010 and thought i better write something.... uhmm... well.... i could write about the the typical, new years goals, ... yes i have some but don't feel the need to broadcast them. I will say i think about my goals everyday. how about this...
1. i love my morning oatmeal
2. i wish i was as witty as my brother
3. my dogs bring me so much joy
4. i can't wait for spring!
there i posted!
I bet things will get much more interesting as i work towards my goals for 2010! ;)