Thursday, March 4, 2010

what should i eat?

It amazes me how often i am asked this question. I'm not talking about the people training for athletic events but everyday people that say they want to be healthier. How can grown adults not know the difference between a healthy food and a not so healthy food. Maybe because i grew up in Maine with my grampa's garden suppling much of what went on the table or was i just lucky to have a mother that cared enough to teach me. I still find it hard to believe that people don't know, fast food is bad and fruits and vegetables are good. "eat your colors"- Big Bird
After getting frustrated with how often i have been asked "what should i eat", even after giving some people written list of healthy foods, a light went on! Maybe people are just asking the wrong question and what they really want to know is, "how can i add healthier foods to my meals but not do any cooking myself?" Now this question i can understand. People are busy! .....? ok People are lazy! I too live a busy life style, working three jobs starting at 4am and not getting home till 730/800 at night. But i still make smart food choices, prepare my meals, take them with me and always have a back up plan for eating something healthy when the original plan falls apart.(an apple in the car)
My biggest advice for someone who thinks they want to be committed to a healthy life style, PLAN! think about your meals, go to the grocery store and buy the foods to make your plan successful.
One of favorite excuses for not eating healthy..." i need to go to the grocery store" Come on people you KNOW you have to eat and the grocery store is probably the most logical place to help you with this task, stop being so lazy and get yourself to the store. Yes, grocery stores are open 24 hours!!
If you haven't been to the store in awhile i will tell you that most stores have made healthy foods very easy for us. The chicken is cooked for you, the vegetables are all cut up in bites size pieces, the fruit is right in front of you so if you think going to a fast food chain is easier then your just being lazy, get out of the dang car and walk into the store!!
Oh, by the way your children shouldn't be eating any different then you, teach them NOW!
The next time you "think" you don't know what to eat to be healthy, ask yourself, am i being lazy and not wanting to put time and energy into being healthy?
Crackers are not a healthy food choice!!

P.S. If you are training for specific athletic events nutrition can be more of a challenge, and i probably wouldn't consider you lazy. ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010


finishing with my final run of the month 6.5 miles! i couldn't be more thrilled with how my first 8 weeks of my quest, to become a runner has transpired, and we haven't even gotten into longer days and warmer weather yet! i signed up for my first real 5k and will be giving it a go on sunday (march 7th) i'm hoping for sunshine ! After my 1st race next week the next thing i want to conquer in the 8.5 miles around the Aurora Reservoir. I find myself getting caught in between wanting to run faster or run farther.... only time will tell i guess.
oh! by the way i'm at 112 miles before march even got started!