Sunday, March 3, 2013


I talk about my runs a lot in front of the MCs. (MCs is what i call the 2 little people in my life) I love running, most of the time, and complain when my life gets to busy and can't get any runs in.        When I do get to run I get sooo happy and I know the MCs see this. I don't ever try and preach or push anyone into creating a healthy life style but have found that it can be very contagious if you talk about what makes you happy. Everyone wants to feel that same happiness and will jump on your tail and follow your lead. Some people will catch the bug and others will find they don't get that same feeling by doing what you are doing, and thats ok too! I hoped I could use this same technique with the MCs. With both my nutrition and workouts, I talk about why I eat the things I eat, there is a lot of flexing going on (at the MCs request) and I talk about how good food can help your brain work, which parents seem to be forgetting these days,  there are so many different conversation in the house about health but the bottom line is I just try and be me and when the questions come I answer them as me.
Then one day so not long ago MC #1 asked me if she could go for a run with me someday! YES! exactly what I had been hoping for. Now would she really ever lace up her sneakers and head out the door with me?,  I wasn't quite sure but for her to show any interest at all made my soul smile. I asked her if she thought she would like to run a 5k with me.  She answered right away with a smile "yes", then she got quite, next the questions came. "how far is a 5k?, do i have to run the entire time?" I told her I was going to run one in about a month and if she wanted, she could come with me and I would stay with her the entire race. She got real quite so I just let her think about it. I never mentioned it again until we were about 2 weeks away from the race. I told her I was getting ready to sign up for the race and needed to know if she wanted to do it. She still said "yes".  hmmmm?? really?, I thought to myself, I told her Dad about it. He too was a little surprised but very happy. The day before i signed us up I told her once I paid for the race there was no backing out ... "ok"  she says
 Well MC #1 did it! Not only did she run most of the race but, more important in my book, she crossed the finish line with a smile on her face. You could feel the sense of pride poring out of her! She claims she had so much fun she wants to do another one! We have picked out our next 5K and this time Dad and MC #2 can do it with us... this one was a girls only 5k... haha!
 I don't know if MC #1 will catch on to the healthy life style from this experience but boy it feels good to point her down the path. Next is to get the MCs to add ONE vegetable to their Subway sandwich!