Friday, April 23, 2010

Foaming at the knees!

foaming at the knees! 5.16 mi / 00:48 09:16 pace

its true i was foaming at the knees! for those who don't live in denver, it was pouring here this morning, not just a rain but complete down pour! while working my morning gig at Fedex i went back and forth on whether to run outside or hit the treadmill. well i decided that if i had to run a race and it was raining i would run right?! i bet Ryan Hall runs in the rain! when i got to the park i saw a few others getting it done as well! As the 2 or 3 other runners approached i got the head nod, "good job for toughing out the rain" head nod. OR was it "your crazy too!" head nod. either way it felt good and was glad i went for it.
about mile 3 things started getting REALLY wet and heavy! as i passed an approaching runner i gave her the nod and she looked at me, or should i say my knees, with a weird stare i looked down and ...what tha?? my knees were covered in foam!! the only thing i can think of is there must have still been detergent in my pants, now i know the nods had nothing to do with being tough!

this is the typical stuff that happens to me on a daily basis!