Friday, August 22, 2014


I have a dream, a lot of dreams really. My brain seems to be constantly spinning with ideas that I would like to bring to the light of the world. I can see the idea, the picture, the message, and the smiles.
 As long as I can remember I have had  this issue of a million ideas floating around in my noggin. A few of these ideas I have tried to make real and could not really get things the way I saw it behind my closed eyes.
 This time is different....  the vision is very clear and I won't give up! I won't back down for lack of confidence or fear of failure, I will make it happen!
   I've been working on this one particular dream for many years, testing the waters and deciding its to much I can't do it. I am no longer testing the waters but jumping in with both feet! I have come to realize that it is not going to happen over night. I will have to work on it for the rest of my life, always getting better at it and never being satisfied but always learning and fine tuning, I look forward to sharing my visions and progress with the people around me.
  This new strength comes from the power of exercise. I feel strong, empowered  and unstoppable when I fill my ears with music, get my heart beating and push my body to conquer the goal I set for that workout. It might be a run, lifting weights or even teaching a cycle class but my dreams come alive when I work out and I get excited again. So when things get overwhelming and I want to give up on the dream I go work out and think about it. I think about the picture I want to share with everyone, the message I want everyone to hear and the smiles I want to bring to the people who surround me.
 Try it! If you start to feel defeated, deflated or someone has burst your balloon full of dreams, go work out and visualize!  Don't  give up!