Friday, October 9, 2009


I recently started a new challenge , running, and for some reason i get the impression from people that they think this would be easy for me, well i'm going to tell you IT IS NOT EASY! it is as every bit as hard for me as it is for anyone who adds a new activity to their lifestyle. staying healthy and fit is a choice for me not something i love. i know some of you are shaking your head is disbelief but its true. i have to remind myself how important working out and eating properly is. i love junk food as much as anyone and to sit in front of my TV or computer for hours very easy for me to do too.
I work three jobs, leaving the house before the sunrises and getting home after it has set. i still find time to get my workouts in. I have been getting up at 3am in the morning to run, to take on this new adventure in my life, IT IS NOT EASY! and now your saying "don't you need to sleep to be healthy" and the answer is yes! i get 8 hours almost every night, i don't sit in front of the tv or computer at night, i go to bed, IT IS NOT EASY! to leave the comfort of my warm bed to venture out into the dark, cold morning, IT IS NOT EASY! i have scoliosis which creates a lot pain in my back, hips and now i've started running my ankles have been freakin' killing me, ITS NOT EASY! I get tired, sore, unmotivated and frustrated just like you.
on the days i don't want to do it, i remind myself, i will never regret working out, and if i don't do it i will constantly think , i really should work out. (thats annoying brain clutter!)
sometimes i think people just like to think it comes easy for ME so they have an excuse for themselves when it is hard for them, "its just not that easy" I KNOW!!!!
so stop thinking about all the reasons why you can't put your health first and think of the reasons why you can and should!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Its my last day of vacation! i have not worked out, run, ate anything healthy for 12 days. I now look forward to getting back in the game, the game we call life.
My photo shoot went really well. getting tons of great shots. i was very happy with the look i presented, healthy and fit, not "ripped" and depleted. i was looking at some competitors pictures yesterday and have decided my mind set has totally changed. I can't stand when i look at photos of beautiful girls who are so hard , with veins and paper thin skin, yuck! its just not reality or healthy and not what i want for myself. it was a very satisfying feeling when people say ,wow your great in you pictures and i can say "thanks, i was eating chocolate cake the week before at my husbands birthday party" Thats how it should be, enjoy life but stay healthy and fit!
So now what? i got 2 days left i will work on cleaning out my cupboards of all the junk and monday morning i will be back in my running shoes!! i will go back to saying no 80% of the time an picking and choosing a month in advance the occasions i will say "yes i would love some ice cream!"