Saturday, July 4, 2009


 Turn off the TV!! this has to be the biggest motivation killer!
  i get a lot of motivation from the people in my life, i like to lead by example. having the ability to inspire others is a gift and i feel blessed to have it. thats a big motivation!
  i love to read magazines, any kind of fitness magazine. (Oxygen being my favorite) i always turn to the work out sections looking for new exercises or old ones i haven't used in a while.   i go through phases of jumping on the scale EVERYDAY, yup  i do it, i know i teach people not to do just that,(weigh yourself everyday) but for me... it keeps me in check.
   i try different work out supplements, i never stop taking my "fitness stack" from Cyto-charge, ( but i do like to shake things up every once and a while by trying different pre work out drinks, "Super Pump" being one of my favorites...need to get some "Smash" from axis labs. i do get a kick out of "trying to feel the pump?" LOL!
  i am also a people watcher, this works in two ways maybe even three... first, watching people at the gym is always more exciting then whats on TV. second, watching over weight people is such a big motivator to "keep the body moving" third, spotting the "in shape" people for sure makes me push a little harder!
  i track my calories burn for awhile then i might switch to tracking my heart rate then i might switch to tracking my caloric intake.
there are so many ways to stay on top of what you are doing to the body it never gets boring!
but really people, try turning off the TV!!  (no tv until the sun goes down) and see how much more active your day becomes. That is the bottom line, we must stay active. Im not saying you have to go to the gym more but just keep moving!