Monday, March 30, 2009

weather dependent.

I am totally weather dependent! 
When the clouds are thick and heavy my mood is thick and heavy,when the sky is clear and the sun is bright, I feel like I could rule the world!
 I woke up this morning to snow falling and I decided I hated life. I wondered, why bother drinking my protein shake, a handful of jelly beans taste much better. I didn't want to work out, teach my spin class, eat my 2nd and 3rd meals that I packed in my portable cooler (i never leave home without it.) People who spend time with me know how I am about not missing meals! I moped around the gym waiting for my class to start. Oh! how I was dreading teaching in 90 mins. Yup! I had 90 mins to kill and couldn't even pick up a  dumbbell! 
 I did teach my class and as the music thumped I could see the sun peaking out from the clouds thats all it took and I was happy! sweat dripped down my neck and I felt 5 times stronger then when I walked into the gym. I cranked up the resistance on my bike and loved the pain that shot through my pumping legs! WOO! HOO! Ok maybe it was the exercise itself , I know that what's your thinking right? I'm sure that had something to do with it but no sooner did the sun come out and here come the clouds again. I was done wanted to go home, forget working the rest of the day, i wanted my PJ's and the rest of the jelly beans!! 
SOOO  I'm Moving!!  someplace where its warm and sunny!! I just think of all things I could do if the sun was bright all the time! I could rule the world!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is me, certified personal trainer,spin instructor,fedex employee, fitness and figure competitor, wife and owned by three dogs,yes my dogs for sure own me!

start now!!

Ok so i have been journaling (is that a word) for many years, i thought why not try and take it to the web? not sure how any of this works but I'm up for the challenge! I have to admit though not very good with computers I am for sure addicted to them! 
 So its sunday, I hate sundays because that means tomorrow is monday, back to work, back to clean eating,back to cardio, back to life! For now I'm going to cook some oatmeal,go workout and try and figure this blogger thing out and will return later!